Why is outdoor play important in the early years?

Why is outdoor play important in the early years?

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For facilitating overall physical and psychological development of children, it is necessary to bring them close to nature. However, the modern day lifestyle in busy cities appears to be the major obstacle in enjoying the beauties of nature. The best option for bringing our children closer to nature would be to encourage them to play outdoors in the garden or park.

Designing outdoor play area for children

While designing the outdoor space, yard or garden, try to add as many natural elements as possible. Unlike children raised in countryside, city bred kids cannot access woodlands and lush green expansive fields. In their highly structured lives dominated by computers and televisions, even a small outdoor area with few plants can liberate them from the sedentary lifestyle. Although, adults prefer outdoor areas with manicured lawns and landscaped gardens, your child may prefer something more natural. Children love openness and a wilder environment. However, this does not mean that you need a poorly kept lawn or yard to lure your child to play outdoors. A playground covered with lush green grass and framed by plants is sufficient for children to play with friends. Finally, install few outdoor play equipments to create the simple playground that will help your child to enjoy outdoor activities with friends, you can also always bring some popular toys or sport equipment such as soccer ball, Paw Patrol Patroller & kids scooters.

With the right outdoor play for your children, they will be as active as they need to be and hence will manage to keep fit and healthy.

Helps one to grow in the right manner

One of the benefits that come with outdoor play is that they will save your children from becoming coach potatoes. This is the case with many children today. They just want to sit before the television set throughout the day thus the cases of obesity have increased. With the right outdoor play for your children, they will be as active as they need to be and hence will manage to keep fit and healthy.

Help with the development of different skills

The play are also made to help with the development of different skills. For instance, you will find that some of the play help with eye hand coordination and vice versa while some will teach your children how to grasp on things and move them from one place to another. This skill is of great importance not just for children but also in adults. This is why you will find many of the play in bright colors that will attract the children in all the right ways.

Mental alertness and development

The other benefit that comes with the outdoor play is mental alertness, social education and development. This is because the play will keep the children thinking and trying to find a way of doing things with the play. The mental alertness is as a result of curiosity which is believed to be the main aspect in children brain development. The play therefore greatly encourage this kind of growth in children.

Gives them a chance to identify with nature and other features

They will also have the chance to identify with nature and other features as they play outside and at the same time improve on their social skills. This is especially the case when more than one child is playing. The truth is that the kids differ greatly in development and as they mingle, they will socialize and learn from one another. The right outdoor play will keep the children engrossed and socializing for hours and you can be sure that they will be wiser every minute that passes.

Outdoor play are of a wide range and there is need to take all things into consideration when choosing the most suitable for your children.


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