• How to make an effective action plan? Writing an action plan
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    How to make an effective action plan? Writing an action plan

    Business, Education

    Every business runs with the objective of profit, survival, and growth. For these goals to be met an actionable business plan is needed. An action business plan is a document, clearly stating what resources are needed to achieve a business plan and specifies the timeline limit within which the implementation is expected. In simpler terms, this is the blueprint in the business world which helps project managers break down the project to its specifications. An action plan can also be adopted by an employee who wants to improve their job performance. read more

  • Managing a New Coffee Shop
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    Managing a New Coffee Shop

    Australia, Business
    Beginning each day with a cup of coffee is not an improbable assumption. There are hundreds of millions coffee drinkers all over the world. No wonder the industry is booming! If you have been dreaming of compiling your love of coffee with your entrepreneurial spirit, We have a few investing ideas in managing a new

    coffee shop near you read more

  • 4 Ways to Find a Data Entry Job
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    4 Ways to Find a Data Entry Job

    Business, Job Opportunities

    Are you currently looking for a data entry job in home jobs? Have you recently been scammed? Unfortunately, many people often cheat online pretending to be legitimate businesses that fall victim to it. However, if you look at the data entry field to start your own business, you will find many legal opportunities. read more

  • 6 Reasons To Rebrand Your Business
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    6 Reasons To Rebrand Your Business


    Re-branding is the way toward creating another look and feel for an already existing brand or item keeping in mind the end goal to impact its client’s recognition. This may incorporate changing the name, logo or bundling. Re-branding can be an exceptionally difficult yet extremely rewarding procedure. It requires careful thought and intending to accomplish the desired objective which is to breathe new life into a brand to pull in new clients and increase its popularity. Oando and Glo are cases organizations that are always re-branding and are getting a charge out of wide acknowledgment in the market. read more

  • United Petroleum Buys Pie Face
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    United Petroleum Buys Pie Face

    Australia, Business, Countries, Uncategorized

    Earlier this year, United Petroleum announced that it had acquired the intellectual property and retail network of the beleaguered Pie Face food chain for an undisclosed amount of money. Pie Face has been in administration since 2014 and the receivers of O’Brien have tried to sell the company since October of 2016. No one could have predicted that this Australian food chain would end up in the hands of a petrol retailer, but then again, no one could have foreseen the spectacular fall of Pie Face. read more

  • Company Review Animoca Brands
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    Company Review Animoca Brands

    Australia, Business, China, Company Listing, Tech

    How did the Hongkong-based mobile company Animoca fare in the app download market by the end of the second quarter of 2017? The data for business operations between 1 April 2017 and 30 June 2017 is already out. Statistics reported were then analyzed and tallied to see if performance for the said quarter improved when compared to the first quarter of 2017 and the second quarter of 2016. This also helped the decision-makers in Animoca to identify if data supported any prediction of increased revenue for the third quarter of 2017. read more

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