• Understanding The Motivation Of Donation Behaviour
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    Understanding The Motivation Of Donation Behaviour

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    The actual meaning of charity is the voluntary assistance to needy and underprivileged individuals and corporations of people, in many instances charity is economic and is often pleasurable for the person who makes the donation. At present world, donating to charity is taken into consideration a noble act. It’s far compulsory that we try and be a carrier to every other fellow guy. However charity does now not continually suggest the giving away of cash, one can provide away something to a person in need that includes motors, books, garments or even food in the name of charity and it also has its personal benefits. It is not always that a person can come up with the money for charity however as a citizen of this global one should constantly appearance to give once they have extra than what they want. read more

  • What is Qurban in Islam?
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    What is Qurban in Islam?

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    What is Qurban in Islam

    Qurban is a religious ritual in Islam which involves sacrificing animals on certain days in order to seek the pleasure of God. It is a religion festival which coincides with the largest gathering of Muslims from all over the world in Mecca for Hajj, the yearly pilgrimage. It is a ritual that is celebrated by a billion Muslims around the world, which has great historical, religious and cultural significance. Find more about Qurban FAQ here. read more

  • US Plans a Missile Defense Test Against North Korea
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    US Plans a Missile Defense Test Against North Korea

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    North Korea’s nuclear missile has threatened the Pentagon and probed it to plan a missile defence test. The US defence test is going to counter an intercontinental-range designed missile for the first time in its military history. The US plan will take place on Tuesday next week. It is going to simulate the intercontinental ballistic missile by North Korea which was targeted for the US homestead. The latest US interceptor was successful in June 2014, although it has a spotty track record of succeeding in 9 out of a total of 17 attempts since 1999 and has only made it once in the last four attempts. read more

  • Taiwan ruled that same-sex couples are entitled to a legal right to marry
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    Taiwan ruled that same-sex couples are entitled to a legal right to marry

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    For the first time in Asia, the continent has witnessed a rather unfamiliar law being passed when the constitutional court in Taiwan ruled that same-sex couples are entitled to a legal right to marry. The Judicial Yuan recognized present laws as adversely violating the people’s freedom to marry and their freedom to equality. A two year period was therefore issued for legal amendments to be made so as to allow marriage between same-sex couples, failure to which the same-sex couple will be free to marry and have registration of their marriage effectuated. read more

  • Taiwan clears way for gay marriage
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    Taiwan clears way for gay marriage

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    The court, known as the Judicial Yuan, said current marriage laws were “infringing upon both the general population’s opportunity of marriage … what’s more, the general population’s entitlement to uniformity”, and it gave two years for legitimate corrections to permit same-sex marriage.”If applicable laws are not altered or established inside the said two years, two people of a similar sex who plan to make the said changeless union should be permitted to have their marriage enrollment effectuated,” the court said.Lesbian, gay, cross-sexual and transgender rights activists had harbored high trusts their times of crusading in same-sex marriage would win the court’s support. read more

  • Coming challenges could slow the Asian economic juggernaut

    Coming challenges could slow the Asian economic juggernaut

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    In last decade, the world has seen China jump towards its aim of becoming one of the most advanced economies. The average GDP (gross domestic product) growth of 10% has removed hundreds of families out of so-called poverty converting China into a powerful economic hub. The speed of its growth in coming times will decide whether it has what it takes to challenge United States for the superpower. Will China run, stall or crawl over the next 10 years? read more

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