Liebherr Refrigeration Company Profile

Liebherr Refrigeration Company Profile

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Liebherr Refrigeration Company Profile

Liebherr Australia, Liebherr Germany, Liebherr Asia

Manufacturing high end components of mammoth machines is no easy task and when it comes to big refrigerators and freezing machines, a leading name in the domain is Liebherr.

In 1949, with the invention of tower-crane, Hans-Liebherr laid the foundation of Liebherr Group’.The highest level of management within the group is a shareholders committee made up exclusively of descendants of the founder. The group has a decentralized its organizational structure and now comprises of eleven product divisions.

It shapes technological advances in various areas. The eleven divisions and a wide range of world class products of Liebherr group are a result of decades of experience, dedication, hard work, and in-depth knowledge.

From earth-moving equipment to sophisticated mining tools and now construction cranes as well as home refrigeration, the Liebherr products are known worldwide for their reliability, quality, and longevity.

Liebherr Company Profile

With a wide experience of equipment manufacturing for various segments, it has carved its niche in the home refrigeration and freezing domain. The refrigeration products are equally popular among the domestic and business users.


The domestic appliance product division of the company manufactures the refrigerators and freezers. 
Its manufacturing units are located across four countries. The domestic appliances division of the group is controlled by Liebherr-Hausgarate-GmbH that is based in Ochsenhousen (Germany).

Premium Technology

For Liebherr group, satisfaction to end user is of prime importance. With continuous innovation and cutting edge technology, it constantly works to make products better each day. 

The products from domestic refrigeration division of Liebherr are known for their unique design and well thought out solutions for optimum user convenience.

Range of Products

The product range includes a table top and free standing and built-in refrigerator & freezers. We also have the combined refrigerators & freezers, not to mention the wine cooling &wine-temperature control cabinets. Last are the food storage & drink cooling refrigerators, as well as humidors. Some of the best products like refrigerator & freezer cabinets, drinking cooling cabinets, chest refrigerator and freezers, and laboratory cooling cabinets are designed and developed for professional use in retail industry.
With innovation and technology at its core, the products from Liebherr are trusted across Europe and beyond. They are a symbol of quality and durability.


With decades of experience in various equipment manufacturing domain, Liebherr has expanded for making a worldwide presence.
Although it has been producing refrigerators and freezers since 1954, the expansion has made the Liebherr group truly global. The domestic freezing products are now manufactured in four countries namely Germany, Bulgaria, Austria, in Europe and Malaysia in Asia. 

The Values

This family-run company has a corporate culture tha ensures strong cooperation and a trusting relationship with partners and customers worldwide. With more than 60 years since in the industry, the company has shown stability and reliability thanks to the personal commitment of the company owners.

As an independently run family business, Liebherr enjoys robust discretionary power in all its activities and decisions. The shareholders of the company are descendants of Liebherr from 2nd and the 3rd generation and they play an active role in the company.

The Growth

With ever expanding presence worldwide, Liebherr ensures that the success reflects in figures as well. In 2016, it achieved the third-highest turnover in group’s history with total sales of 9009 million Euros. 

2016 also saw an increase in the workforce and the total employees at the end of the year at Liebherr were 42308. Compared to the previous year, there was an increase of 1.8% in this figure.


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